BICW Awards 2019 – Winners


First off, a big, big note of thanks to all the publishers who submitted their titles for the award.

Our jury members, comprising an experienced school educator; facilitators who use literature to foster a love for theatre in school children; and a school founder, enjoyed reading the large variety of books that were shortlisted for the awards.

Having taken each of their opinions into account, here are the winners of the Best of Indian Children’s Writing (BICW) – Contemporary Awards 2019.

Age Group Theme Title Publisher
5-7 years FRIENDS Three Friends Eklavya
5-7 years FOOD Frank Goes to the Market Ms Moochie Books
5-7 years LOVE I Love You More Ms Moochie Books
6-8 years ANIMAL STORIES The Pottering Pig Pratham Books
6-8 years FAMILY The Very Wiggly Tooth Pratham Books
6-8 years FUN Fooled You Scholastic
6-8 years SEASONS Big Rain Tulika Publishers
6-9 years ANIMAL STORIES The Hundred and Thirty Seventh Leg Jyotsna Prakashan
6-9 years FRIENDSHIP A Home of Our Own Tulika Publishers
6-9 years LOST AND FOUND Lunch-Friends Tota Books
6-9 years FANTASY Sathya’s Boat Tulika Publishers
6-9 years LEARNING A LESSON Thatha at School Pickle Yolk Books
7-9 years FUN A Book for Puchku Pratham Books
7-9 years S.T.E.A.M Sea in a Bucket Ekalavya
7-9 years HEROISM Jadav and the Tree Place Pratham Books
7-9 years GRANDPARENT TALES Nani’s Walk to the Park Pratham Books
8-10 years BEATING THE ODDS Maccher Jhol Pickle Yolk Books
8-10 years SITES AND LIVES – Real Stories of People and Places Kali Wants to Dance Pratham Books
8-10 years FOLK TALES The Enduring Ark Tara Books
8-10 years MISCHIEF The Adventures of Mooli Scholastic
8-10 years ADVENTURE The Forbidden Forest Tulika Publishers
9-11 years FRIENDSHIP Camp Sweets: Monster Fun at Summer Camp Talking Cub
9-11 years CURIOSITY Mira the Detective Duckbill Books
9-11 years ADVENTURE Mother Steals a Bicycle Tara Books
9-11 years COMICS AND GRAPHIC NOVELS APJ Abdul Kalam: One Man, Many Missions Campfire Books
9-11 years WIT AND WISDOM The Boy with 2 Grandfathers Tulika Publishers
10-12 years ENVIRONMENTAL TALES The Adventures of Padma and the Blue Dinosaur HarperCollins Children’s Books
10-12 years EERIE WORLD The Taxi Ride and Other Spooky Stories Ms Moochie Books
10-12 years SCHOOL STORIES Apoorva’s Fat Diary Mango Books
10-12 years STANDING OUT Manya Learns to Roar Duckbill

The BICW – Contemporary Award 2019 aims to recognize and reward the best books for children in the age group of 6 to 12 years from publishers across the country.

Apart from the joy that comes with the recognition of good effort and great art, the BICW Award comes with a minimum guarantee purchase of the winning titles (anywhere between 200 to 2000 copies) which will, in turn, be distributed to schools across South India.

Our congratulations to all the winners!


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