The picture books we never had as kids!

  • We are on a mission to create memorable picture books that young Indian children can relate to and be inspired by. But it takes time to create great books and we need your support to do this faster.
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Project Introduction:

  • In 2013 as a part of our work with the Book Lover’s Program for Schools (BLPS), we were looking for an Indian picture book about sibling love for six-year-olds and we just didn’t find one. So we made one. And started a publishing house, Ms Moochie Books. That’s really how it began.
  • In early 2018, two of our books – Ramu’s Ride and Ramya’s Snack Box – made it to’s Recommended Bookshelf for Children. Both books are doing well, and have received great reviews. However, the market for children’s books in India is so small and fragmented that it takes publishers 3 to 5 years to recover the money spent on making one book. And at such a low return on investment (RoI), we’re able to bring out only 2, maybe 3 books a year.
  • In 2018, we began work on a project to expand the world of Ramu and Ramya. We aimed to create 10 picture books. The vision of this project is to create a world-class children’s book set/series in India! With engaging plots, great language, and beautiful illustrations, that are put together in an appealing form.
  • BUT, on our own, it’ll take us 3 years to complete this world. We need you to believe in this world. And we want you to support us such that we can make this happen in 6 months. Together we can make sure that children who are reading Ramu’s Ride or Ramya’s Snack Box will get to enjoy the entire set before they outgrow them.


Support Us!

  • You can choose to pre-buy the books or pay us to include a character based on you, your child, or someone you know. Check out the rewards section right away! We’re reachable at for queries. Do remember to share this campaign with everyone you know.

The World of Ramu and Ramya

  • In Ramu’s Ride, Ramu wants to ride a bike, and his father says no. One Summer day, he sets off on a cycle with Sara …
  • In Ramya’s Snack Box, Ramya distributes the goodies in her snack box to all her friends. But at lunchtime, she realises that she’s forgotten her lunchbox at home …
  • Both books are written in rhyme and rhythm, and use simple words. They are perfect for emergent readers, like the other books in the Little Book Lovers’ Reading Series, and are used in classrooms across south India.
  • Both books are recommended by in the Emergent Reader category. You can go to the pages of these books from these links – Ramu’s Ride and Ramya’s Snack Box.
  • If you wish to take a look at the books before pledging, please do email us at and we’ll send you a digital preview.


Plan of Action

  • We hope to raise Rs. 20 Lakh by the end of June. The details of the timeline and the use of funds are given below:



A note on Indian Children’s Publishing

  • Today, in the picture book section of a typical book shop / book fair for children – one can find (a) many versions of folk tales, mythology, and religious tales. Some of these are of good quality, but many are of questionable language and content; (b) “Remainder books” – books that children in Western countries have “donated” and are being sold in third world countries (like India); (c) Books like Geronimo Stilton that international publishers are marketing heavily in India; (d) Spin-offs and adaptations of TV shows like Chota Bheem; (e) and finally there are a few Indian independent publishers (Ms Moochie Books, Tulika, Tara, Karadi Tales, Duckbill, Katha, Pratham Books …) who are braving the odds and surviving on passion.
  • Is this enough? No! An average child can read upto 300 books in the ages of 3 to 5. It is important that we provide a wide variety of books in this selection of 300. In our experience of selecting books for school libraries (at BLPS), we have come to realise that we don’t have access to a wide variety of good books in India.
  • What can be done? The market is growing. Publishers are taking business risks and making newer books. But neither is happening fast enough. The entire industry needs a strong capital push. And this capital can’t come from VCs or banks because the RoI is too low for them. It has to come from you, the customer. This is not new – independent publishers have crowdfunded their books successfully in other countries in the past.


The Team

  • Ms Moochie Books is a young Indian children’s publishing house. We comprise of a dedicated team that is committed to spreading love for story books among children. We’re supported by illustrators and writers that we’ve worked with earlier.


  • Apart from the staff at Ms Moochie Books, authors C G Salamander and Ritika Subhash are writing for this project. The former is a children’s writer and a graphic novelist who has worked with several publishers. He is the creator of Ramya from Ramya’s Snack Box.


The Video Pitch

  • Amrit Vatsa, from 3 Minute Stories, conceptualised, shot, and edited the video pitch for this project. Amrit Vatsa has supported BLPS, Ms Moochie Books, and The Kahanipuram Trust in the past.



  1. What ages are these books for?
    These are meant for children who are just starting to read. They are perfect for 3 to 5-year-olds, but this may change depending on how quickly or how slowly, the child picks up reading.
  2. Will there be other languages besides English?
    Not right now, but if we can make it happen, then we’ll let you know.
  3. Is my pledge tax-deductible?
  4. Do you ship outside India?
    Not right now. Please write to us at for this.
  5. When will I get my books?
    Our goal is to make sure it comes to you before Dec 31, 2018. All contributors will be updated on the progress regularly.
  6. Can I become a distributor or buy in bulk?
    Please write to us at for this.
  7. Can I resell your books in the US / UK?
    Please write to us at for this.
  8. What happens if you don’t raise the entire money?
    If we raise less than 5 lakhs, then we will return your money.
    If we raise between 5 and 10 lakhs, we will scale the project down to 3 books, and return the excess money to you.
    If we raise between 10 and 15 lakhs, we will scale the project down to 6 books, and return the excess money to you.
    If we raise between 15 and 20 lakhs, we will extend the timeline of the project and delivery to Feb 28, 2019.
  9. What happens if you raise more than 20 lakhs?
    If we raise more money, then we will be creating more books. 🙂
  10. How do you receive the money?
    You will be transferring money to The Kahanipuram Trust, a registered non-profit. They will be collecting the money for Ms Moochie and giving it to us when the campaign closes.
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You will get 3 paperback titles from the world of Ramu and Ramya. This will be shipped to you anywhere in India.

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You will get 4 paperback titles from the world of Ramu and Ramya. This will be shipped to you anywhere in India.

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You will get 5 paperback titles from the world of Ramu and Ramya. This will be shipped to you anywhere in India.

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For contributions for more than Rs. 1200, please contact us directly.

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Naresh Ramamurthy 19 May 19, 2018

2 reviews for The picture books we never had as kids!

  1. amrutash
    (verified owner):
    5 out of 5

    Hi this is Amrut. It’s weird to write a review of one’s own books. But if I were to write a neutral review ever, I’d say that I’m pleasantly surprised by how these books have come out. I didn’t expect them to come out so well, and I didn’t expect the positive reviews, and I certainly didn’t expect the books to make it to the recommended bookshelf. Wohoo!

  2. Sukanya
    (verified owner):
    5 out of 5

    These books are great! The illustrations are adorable and are pertinent to the story, the themes are perfectly relatable to the kids who read them and even to the kids who listen to them. As a storyteller, I’ve even got parents and teachers laughing and enjoying these stories for their humour, their plot and ultimately the essence of the values behind the story without any of these stories getting preachy. Whether it’s Ramu enjoying the thrill of riding pillion on Sara’s cycle, Frank’s trip to the market or even Ramya’s goody filled snack box that she shares with her friends at school, the storylines are sweet, simple and relatable.

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